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Dear lovely visitor, welcome to my portfolio website.

I work across several disciplines of design and illustration and a visit to each of these can be navigated through the links above.


Even though I’ve sectioned the type of work into themes, naturally there is some overlap between areas.


I am able to work in many styles, some of which come about from the nature of a design job in hand. But my 'native' style is the diorama style and it's thrilling to make these little worlds of light and paper.


Examples of other styles will appear in the context of the project in the Design or Visualisation Sections.


Examples of the diorama style can be viewed by browsing the gallery on the left.


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I’ve enjoyed the recent demand for activity books and have had the pleasure of working on some really exciting titles.


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Activity Books

Night and Day Colouring Books

This series of colouring books are unusual in that they have two versions of each scene. They are beautifully reproduced in three solid-colour printing using blue, gold and black ink.

Dots before your eyes

A series with 42 puzzles per book and some puzzles have over 2,000 dots. There’s extreme for you!

Colouring and Craft

The Colouring and Craft series from Carlton books is a great development of the current colouring-in frenzy. I designed a set of ten repeating patterns for each title. Each pattern appeared as a coloured sheet, a line drawing and in a template for a craft project. The blank patterns had to be detailed, yet open enough to be coloured-in with a pencil or felt tip.

Tokyo, from Extreme Colouring: Amazing World to which I was a contributing artist.

City Mazes, Lonely Planet - for which I designed all the mazes.

Currently developing a range of Kirigami projects.


Sometimes you need to pitch an idea to secure funding, or to gauge what the response to a project will be to the prospective market, before going ahead and commissioning the whole project. Here are some of the ways I’ve been able to help.


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Design Work

Since 1986 I have worked in-house as a full-time graphic designer before becoming freelance completely in late 2014.


My first two positions were in publishing, for Longman and Oxford University Press. I often think of one of the the greatest pieces of art direction from the late, magnificent, Ron Heapy - Publisher at OUP: ‘go away and make me a great book’.  With this in mind I’ve always enjoyed getting right under the skin of a project, on time and to budget.


In 1997 I moved back to Wales to work for Aberystwyth University as a Designer in the Marketing Department. There were many exciting projects over the years. Alongside working on the usual collegiate-branded publications, I developed The Alternative Prospectus. Here

is a small selection of work from recent years.


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Am I Good under pressure?



Bend it Like Beckham, The Musical


The cast had moved into the rehearsal space, the show opened in two months, but there was no front curtain. What did they need? No-one was really sure.


As it was not known in which direction the project would go, I parachuted-in and worked closely with director, Gurinder Chadha,

to develop a brief for the front curtain design.


My thoughts were that the obvious difference between the musical and the film is the songs. I worked out of a carrier bag in a pop-up studio off the rehearsal space and a hotel room, developing the design around themes from the lyrics as I listened to a recording of the songs.


Below: The paint-up of the design by Dap Studio, Gurinder in front

of the finished curtain ready to kick-off the dress rehearsal. Right: a detail from the design.


Kirigami is a variation of origami - but you cut and fold the paper, rather than just fold it. Models are usually made from a single sheet of card.


How it started ...

I live right opposite the fantasy village of Portmeirion, and can see  all the shapes and  colours of the buildings glittering across the water.  These life-size model buildings inspired me to start experimenting with kirigami.


And now ... I'm delighted to announce my very first Kirigami book, Enchanted Kirigami, is out!


Inside are 20 projects where you can create  3D sculptures of such wonders as  fairies, birds of paradise, and moonlight hares.


The projects develop from really simple ones to constructions  of  stunning complexity.


If you'd like to talk through some ideas

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Having developed a love of pattern design whilst working on the Craft and Colour series, I was very excited when invited by Contrado to be one of their creatives.


In May 2017, I launched my Clothing and Homeware range A Devil for Detail. Come and have a browse here:


If you're interested in developing with me a series of surface pattern designs for craft projects, publication, or merchandise I'd be over the moon. eMail me about it on:

Surface Pattern Design