Image of the cover of Thornfield hall by Jane Stubbs
Thornfield Hall, JANE STUBBS 
Whilst I was working on Jane Eyre's Scrapbook, I enjoyed reading around the original novel in order to stimulate new refections. This was by far the most interesting companion narrative.
Superbly crafted, it's accurate to the original plot - yet my toes curled in delight at the additional characters (would be a spoiler to say here). The working-in of the meaning behind the sinister barking laugh, that Grace Pool often emits, is a piece of genius. 
Image of the Cover of Poems of Awakening by Edwin Charles
POEMS of Awakening, Edwin Charles
I both laughed and cried while reading these poems! 
They get under your skin and I've thought about them no end - some gallop along and are really funny, others incredible poignant - one, in particular is The Horse I Saved  has a line "This horse is dead and done!" is so chilling. 
What the author does so well is evoke a sense of place  - Edwin has the ability to draw people right there with him with his descriptions of the smell of glass and the feeling or water. 
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