why I'm delighted to say I am a Reedsy freelancer

Working as a freelancer on the Reedsy platform offers some brilliant advantages, making it an excellent choice for writers, illustrators, editors, and designers in the publishing industry. 
One of the standout features is the security it provides. You're able to work directly with an author, rather than through a third party as you would through an agency. Yet, as Reedsy monitors correspondence between freelancers and authors, any disputes can be swiftly and fairly mediated should the need arise. This results in a safe working environment, where both parties feel protected and can focus on their projects without worrying about potential conflicts or misunderstandings.
The payment process on Reedsy is another significant benefit. By partnering with Stripe, a leading online payment processor, freelancers will receive their payments promptly and securely. This eliminates the time wasted and horrible feelings that come with chasing payments. There's peace of mind, allowing freelancers to concentrate on delivering work. Reedsy's reputation in the industry means that freelancers are more likely to connect with serious and committed authors, leading to more fruitful collaborations and a steady flow of opportunities.
Reedsy cultivates a vibrant author community through writing contests and magazines. There's active peer review, providing authors with opportunities to gain exposure and receive constructive feedback. They also provide a suite of free tools, such as writing and formatting software, which entice authors on to the platform.
If you offer freelance services in the publishing industry and are looking for a reliable and supportive platform, consider joining Reedsy — sign up here!

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