Reader, do you recall the delicate miniature Jane painted of the accomplished lady of rank, Blanche Ingram ... and her chalked self portrait as a Governess, disconnected, poor, and plain ...
... remember those three enigmatic watercolours in Jane's portfolio that Edward Rochester quizzed her about? 
In this scrapbook they are all displayed alongside memorabilia from her story.
two paintings from Jane Eyre's Scrapbook
There is also a host of newly imagined artwork and drawings she makes, once married, as Jane Rochester.
Jane reminisces about her nurse, Bessie, and illustrates two of the songs she remembers her singing - The Days we went a-Gyspying and The Poor Orphan Child 
Her time at Lowood is commemorated with a design of pressed flowers ... the same ones that grew in the garden there .. and a portrait of Helen Burns 
Jane speaks to us through her notes and pictures in this richly illustrated scrapbook.

Come and walk once more, through the world of Charlotte Brontë's classic novel, Jane Eyre. 
Book jacket with scenic background
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